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How to Add Sales Promotions to Your Company’s Facebook Page

Since the tab structure of Facebook has recently changed, we were asked by a client to identify how to add a page on their company’s Facebook page to highlight a sales promotion. After doing a quick search, we ran across … Continue reading

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Custom Market Research vs. Analyst Reports

Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Frost & Sullivan–all these analyst firms do good work, giving us a good handle on macro trends in the market. However, what happens when you need to size the market, your brand share and growth for, say, … Continue reading

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Why Conduct Primary Market Research?

If the market is large and growing, we can become millionaires if we just show up and only get 5% market share, right? Wrong. One of our clients (who shall remain nameless) exhibited this “Show Up and Win” mentality and … Continue reading

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Is the Customer Always Right?

In Marketing 101, we are all taught to believe that customers and clients are always right. But what if they cannot articulate what they want, especially when it comes to new products and services? This often happens when they have … Continue reading

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Market Research Pitfall: No Market is Homogenous

Time and time again, we’ve found that any given market has at least 3-4 main segments. Many of their requirements overlap, but there are always key differences. Are you marketing to these market segments and, if so, do you know … Continue reading

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Online Advertising: Impressions vs. Leads

When it comes to online advertising, marketing people all ask the same thing: how many impressions does our ad get? Innovaxis asks, how many leads were generated by all of our online marketing activities and how many of those leads … Continue reading

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3 Critical Website Measures

Every company knows they need a compelling website to stay competitive in the marketplace, but far too many spend little or no time tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of their website and online marketing campaigns. Over the last decade, our … Continue reading

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The Innovaxis B2B Marketing Consulting Blog Has Arrived

Welcome. Within the confines of this blog, we will be exploring how to grow many different types of companies through Four P Marketing Services that drive the Fifth P: Profit. Please link to us if you find anything valuable here, … Continue reading

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