How to Message All Facebook Fans

How to Message All Followers on Facebook

Since there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward answer to this out there on the interweb, here is your 20-second answer for you Facebook admins out there managing company websites who want to email all of your followers:

  1. Click “Edit Page” at the top right of your company Facebook page (or “Edit” next to “About” on the left side of your page, halfway down)
  2. Click “Resources” with the flag next to it, six items down from the top on the left (there used to be a “Marketing” tab but that is now gone)
  3. Under “Connect with People” click on the last item “Send an Update” next to the email icon
  4. Write your subject line, message and click “Send”
  5. Best practice tip: spend as much time on your subject line as the content of your message; the subject line is like the headline of a newspaper and will cause the message to be read only if it grabs people

It’s that easy. Let us know if you need any help with either B2B or B2C social networking.

Below are screen shots in case you get stuck:

How to Send a Facebook Update to Your Followers

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One Response to How to Message All Facebook Fans

  1. innovaxis says:

    Sadly, this no longer works now that Facebook has eliminated your ability to email fans. On the plus side: the inbox of my personal email account now gets a lot less spam…

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